AWS Summit 2024: Transforming the Future with Generative AI

The AWS Summit Madrid 2024 highlighted the enormous potential of the cloud and generative artificial intelligence. This event brought together more than 10,000 professionals and offered more than 100 technical sessions and inspiring talks.

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Innovation and Engagement at AWS Summit Madrid

During the event, he highlighted how generative artificial intelligence can transform products and services, improving customer experience and operational efficiency. AWS reaffirmed its commitment to Spain, with a €15.7 billion investment in the Aragon Cloud Region. This commitment reflects the positive economic impact AI can have on the country.

Innovative AI Applications

The AWS Summit Madrid 2024 also showcased various applications of AI in sectors such as energy, retail, logistics and manufacturing. Demonstrations included digital avatar systems, drone simulations for inventory management, and smart safety helmets capable of predicting risky situations.

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The AWS Summit Madrid 2024 highlighted the crucial role of generative artificial intelligence and the cloud in digital transformation. For Cloud Levante, being part of this event reinforces our commitment to help companies innovate and make the most of these technologies.