Agile, flexible and secure management of technology infrastructure and cloud services.

Free your business focus and forget about technical complexities.


IT Infrastructure Management

We specialize in optimizing the configuration, implementation and monitoring of cloud resources, as well as the management of databases, networks, storage and other essential components.

Our approach is to offer a quality service that allows companies to concentrate on their core business, while we take care of the technological infrastructure.


Integral services


Advice, execution and specialized support

Technological Expertise

We apply best practices and strategies to ensure optimal system security, availability    and performance.

We have an advanced architecture supported by a highly trained and certified team in various disciplines such as cloud architecture, data analytics, cybersecurity and DevOps.


System optimization


Guaranteed security, availability and performance

Flexibility & Personalization

CloudFlex Services distinguishes itself through its flexible approach by providing a wide range of options tailored to specific needs. We offer a full range of services, from strategic consulting to development, deployment, implementation, review of existing architecture, ongoing monitoring and technical support.

Our customized approach allows us to leverage the key processes of technology infrastructures, either in their entirety or in specific areas, ensuring an optimal and efficient solution for each project. Whether you need strategic advice to define your cloud approach, custom application development, infrastructure implementation or ongoing support, we are here to optimize all phases of the technology lifecycle.


Flexibility, customization and service options


Optimal and effective solution, as a whole or in specific areas


What we offer


Comprehensive assessment of current infrastructure to recommend best practices and monitor progress.


Qualified assistance by high-level technical personnel. Possibility of extending service hours.


Several direct communication channels: email, dedicated Slack channel and a dedicated support platform.


Management and recording of key metrics, including cost, performance and availability.


Immediate reaction to any alarm or incident. Investigate, report and resolve any disruption.


Monitoring, measurement of objectives and evolution of the platform to optimize performance and security.

Frequently Asked Questions



What are the account hosting modalities?

We offer two types of account hosting:

  • Delegated. The Delegated mode offers a minimum range of concern for your billing. We host your AWS account and between the 1st and 5th of each month we will bill you for the AWS costs plus the CloudFlex service. No need to create an AWS account, no credit card to set up your project in the cloud.


  • Owned. This is the best option if you want to be self-employed and manage your AWS account independently. We will continue to support you and you will only be billed for the cost of the CloudFlex service.
What if I already have an account and I want Cloud Levante to manage it?

We can transfer the account to our organization for you to manage. If you change your mind and prefer to manage it on your own, we can transfer the account to you to manage it yourself at any time.

How is security ensured in CloudFlex?

Security is our top priority. All accounts supported by the CloudFlex service undergo a continuous security review. We inform you about possible breaches or malpractices affecting your platform, so you can take preventive measures. We also perform audits of changes to ensure that they comply with security requirements.

How do we work with cloud providers?

Proven track record of success. We collaborate with leading cloud service providers around the world, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud and IBM. This collaboration allows us to offer a wide range of services, ensuring the most optimal option to suit the specific needs of each project.

Our experience and knowledge of the sector endorse us. We have engineers with more than 20 years of experience working with these cloud providers, which guarantees that each project is developed with the strength and confidence necessary to achieve success.

Trust with the partner. Our relationship with our partners is based on trust and alignment with their goals. As leading cloud provider partners, we share an innovative vision in the design of architectures for agile growth.

What does Cloud Levante + Cloud Provider offer?

Cloud Levante offers a wide range of services and specialized support to maximize the potential of cloud infrastructure.

Our team provides comprehensive solutions ranging from architecture and migration to disaster recovery, technical support, service and cost monitoring, and security auditing. We are dedicated to optimizing the performance, efficiency and security of cloud systems, ensuring the success of companies in their digital transformation process. These services are just a sample of what we offer, as our goal is to provide complete Ad-Hoc solutions and end-to-end support to help companies take full advantage of the cloud’s capabilities.

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