Most development key technologies

2021 l 2022

Periodically, a retrospective exercise is necessary to analyse which technologies we are developing most frequently and which ones have the best results.

Therefore, we have carried out an analysis of all the projects carried out during the last two years. This has allowed us to get to know the digital solutions that are currently most in demand and to be able to take the right measures for the development of our projects.

1. Data Management

We use artificial intelligence methods, machine learning, statistics and database systems. Services that adapt to all Data Analytics needs and enable organisations of all sizes and sectors to reinvent their business with data.

The extraction of data from organisations has become an increasingly demanded solution. In this case, our team can collect stored or real-time data, exploit it and analyse it according to the required metrics. The result is the presentation of a complete, clear and concise Dasboard with the relevant information so that organisations can make the decisions that will guide them towards their objectives.

Predictive analytics

With the right data, we are able to equip computers with algorithms capable of identifying patterns and making predictions. In this way, companies that have requested predictive models can anticipate incidents and remedy them before they occur. Another application is demand forecasting and inventory control or sctok.

Process automation

Many organisations have contacted us because their development processes were slowing down when they had to solve the problem manually. With Machine Learning techniques it has been possible to schedule repetitive tasks that improve the quality of working life. In this way, work time can be focused on really important actions.

Some of our projects:

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2. Cloud Enviroment

Our flagship project since our start has been the deployment of platforms on AWS and we receive more and more projects to interconnect with the services of the leading company in cloud technology.

Deploying or migrating a platform to the cloud is the first step to becoming truly optimal. The cloud allows companies to scale and invest economically according to their needs. Add or disaggregate servers as needed.

Scalable Platform

This has been really beneficial for our ecommerce customers. That at times like Christmas, they can be sure that their infrastructure will support the increased traffic. But we’re not just talking about seasons. Scalability is useful for special days like Black Friday or even times of the day when website traffic increases.

And with Auto-scaling, you don’t need to anticipate those peaks. We set alarms that automatically add servers when a peak in demand is detected and de-aggregate them when they are no longer needed.

Develop a scalable infrastructure that adapts to the growth of your business and reduces upfront costs. Definitely the star cloud solution in the retail sector.

Internet of Things

We are already in the 4th industrial revolution, where machines and people are interconnected in real time, to create a more efficient and personalised user experience. And we’ve seen it integrated with AWS IoT and customised tools for data visualisation.

The data generated by every interaction of IoT elements has value. That’s why we develop solutions with business intelligence in mind and apply Big Data procedures. In this way, our customers have been able to connect autonomous elements that perform small tasks and share information.

Some of our projects:

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Ensuring business continuity despite a breakdown is a basic task for any company. For this reason, many of our projects have focused on the development of Disaster Recovery Plans and Backups, which guarantee the survival of the company against the unexpected.

Ethical Hacking

Another of the star projects in cybersecurity is the development of Ethical Hacking to Penetrate the Network and develop actions to prevent data from being stolen and misused by malicious attackers, as well as:

  • Discover vulnerabilities from an attacker’s point of view in order to address weaknesses.
  • Implementing a secure network to prevent security breaches.
  • Assessing the security profile of the networked computer system site and intrusion detection capabilities.

Some of our projects:

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