Case Study

Restructure the platform to improve growth and scalability

 Data is the foundation of Horizm’s business model. Therefore, they needed to restructure their platform to improve the growth and scalability of the infrastructure. Cloud Levante carried out different projects to develop data ingestion, processing and storage systems in the cloud.


Company name: Horizm

Digital asset monetisation platform for the sports and entertainment industry.

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Migrate and adapt the platform to AWS

Database migration helps move data from an outdated legacy system to modernised software and unify disparate data so that it is accessible using different techniques. This brought multiple benefits to Horizm:


  • Migration to Aurora MySQL 8 to take advantage of horizontal auto-scaling.
  • Flexible platform for variable workloads and high availability.
  • Restructure platform to improve availability and scalability.
  • Development of a model based on microservices, especially Serverless.
  • Migration solution for all databases via DMS.
  • Obtain data more efficiently.

    Tools and technologies

    • Cloud Management and DevOps Tools
    • Migration, Data Lake and Big Data
    • Pipeline design to deploy new versions of the application.
    • Horizontal scalability of the solution: application and data layer.
    • Develop data ingestion, processing and storage systems.

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