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Cloud Levante has an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System based on the Quality and Environmental Policy approved by Company Management.




Company actions aimed at improving environmental impact.

Embedding sustainability is the key to new avenues of growth. Cloud Levante aims to increase its sustainable actions as it gains strength as a company. We currently employ the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, which allows us to focus on efficiency and continuous innovation in all infrastructure projects. By using the Amazon Web Services cloud and our focus on innovation, we are able to achieve greater energy and resource efficiency than can normally be achieved in a conventional data centre. Results from a study conducted by 451 Research show that AWS infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the average US enterprise data centre participating in the study. More than two-thirds of this advantage is due to a combination of a more energy-efficient server population and much higher server utilisation.

AWS has numerous initiatives in place to use water more efficiently, including using less potable water to cool data centres, which we as cloud consultants make use of. And we have a close relationship with the Partner Development team, holding regular meetings where we take an interest and discuss how to improve this and other environmental issues. Recently we have been briefed on the development of a water use strategy by assessing weather patterns in each Region, local water management and availability, and the opportunity to conserve drinking water sources.

At Cloud Levante, we work daily to expand the scientific approach to improve efficiency in all its operations. And we continue to work to be even more efficient, supporting our clients to adopt sustainable measures and prioritising projects focused on environmental and sustainable improvements. Such is the case of the company Planeta Huerto, with which Cloud Levante has carried out various projects, and strives to offer the public products grown in a sustainable and 100% ecological way.


Sustainable solutions

Technological advances have allowed us to improve the quality of life of our customers, beyond economic and social resources, technology allows us to achieve sustainable global development.

ICT systems and tools allow for improved energy efficiency and intelligent energy management. Therefore, most companies are only looking for efficient products supported by sustainable equipment. Among the most important technologies that we use in Cloud Levante we find:

Our mission is to accompany, advise and transform the future together: we are consultants with extensive experience in the digital transformation of companies through cloud technologies.

Virtual Reality

Internet of Things

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

New cloud systems


Committed to sustainability

Its aim is to achieve our customers’ full satisfaction through continuous improvement to the quality of the work and services we provide and to reduce the environmental impact of our business. Turning a business into a sustainable enterprise through technology has become an intrinsic practice in all Cloud Levante projects today.

Sustainable businesses are making a positive impact on our clients’ audiences, thereby increasing turnover. They also manage to retain the talent of their most committed employees and achieve a sense of unity and greater possibilities. Therefore, Cloud Levante is guided by strong sustainable business fundamentals and strives every day to practice good business practices.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set clear targets for public and private organizations to achieve by 2030.

The objective is clear, to eradicate hunger in the world while achieving sustainable societies.

This commitment affects any organization that can make a positive impact on society and from Cloud Levante we offer our services in a socially and environmentally responsible way to facilitate and expedite our customers to adapt practices aimed at creating a more sustainable society.

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