Case Study

Auto-Scaling Platform

We carefully studied the needs of Unión Alcoyana to design an auto-scaling solution tailored to their platform, resource demands, user behavior, and high growth projections.


Unión Alcoyana is an insurance company founded in 1877.

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Main Solutions

    • Pipeline design to deploy App.

    • Design and deployment of auto-scaling platform.

    • Integration with external data platforms.

    • Machine Learning development environment.

    • Database migration to the cloud.

    • Networking platform.

Main Objective

To guarantee service availability to customers, employees and mediators of Unión Alcoyana with the deployment of an Auto-Scalable platform that adapts to traffic peaks, providing high availability, security and regulation.

Methodology & Execution

 Deployment of an Auto-Scalable platform in the aws cloud and the incorporation of process automation. With this, Unión Alcoyana managed to improve the efficiency of its organization with better time management and cost reduction. For the development of this project we have used Cloud solutions and technologies that are characterized by the quality and quantity of information processed, management control tools, e-business integration and rapid adaptation to change.


Deployment of an auto-scaling platform in aws, integrated with external data platforms and ML.


Highly available and scalable system, reducing downtime and implementation costs.


Integration with other Machine Learning and data mining services, now used to build a data lake.


Automatic response to peak loads.


Tailor-made design to optimize autoscaling.


Resource consumption under control.


Upgrades and proactive monitoring.

Machine Learning

Development Environment

We implement two solutions based on ML technology: business process automation and predictive analysis.

Business process automation streamlines the system, reduces errors, increases delivery speed, minimizes costs, and simplifies the business process. By incorporating software tools, people, and processes to create an automated workflow. Additionally, predictive analysis allows us to enhance quality and improve decision-making.

Excellent service and attention to improve our business.

Cloud Levante has been our trusted partner in the cloud environment since the beginning, and we are thrilled to have them by our side. When we talk to them, it feels like we’re speaking directly to the cloud manufacturer. With Victor and his team, you can rest assured that they meet expectations. They are always available to provide support and expertise. Moreover, they have a proactive attitude to stay dynamic in their technological advancements, staying attentive to new trends and addressing any challenges.

Leocardio Ortega

CIO, Unión Alcoyana


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