Integration of AWS Well-Architected Tool with AWS Organizations

AWS Well-Architected Tool now integrates with AWS Organizations enabling cloud architects to share their workloads and custom lenses more broadly across their organization.

The AWS Well-Architected Tool allows we to monitor the status of multiple workloads in organisations and help to understand potential risks. With the action plan, we can identify next steps for improvement, drive architectural decisions, and build for the cloud with confidence.

AWS Organizations is an account management service that allows customers to consolidate multiple AWS accounts into a single, centrally managed organization. This update will increase efficiency and make it easier to share lenses and workloads with multiple accounts. Well-Architected customers will be able to give access to specific teams or departments by sharing their workloads and custom lenses across different subsets within an organization.

This promotes collaboration between teams and saves time for our customers, allowing them to scale faster across a wider audience. Additionally, we or our customers will be able to better control access to workloads and custom lenses.

The AWS Well-Architected Tool is designed to help review the health of applications and workloads, and provides a central location for best practices and architecture tools to improve decision making, minimise risk and reduce costs. This new update is available to AWS customers and partners from the end of June. At Cloud Levante, as an AWS Select Partner we implement AWS Well-Architected Tool integrated with AWS Organizations at no additional charge in the AWS Management Console.

For more information on AWS Well-Architected, visit How to implement AWS Well-Architected best practices.

If you are interested in implementing AWS Well-Architected, contact our technical team to see how we can tailor this solution to your needs.