AWS introduces Log Anomaly Detection and Recommendations for Amazon DevOps Guru

AWS announces the general availability of a new feature, Log Anomaly Detection and Recommendations for Amazon DevOps Guru. As part of this feature, it will ingest Amazon CloudWatch logs for the AWS resources that make up your application, Lambda being the first.

Amazon Devops Guru

Definition of Amazon DevOps

Amazon DevOps Guru is a cloud operations service powered by ML technology to improve application availability.

It is also a Machine Learning (ML) powered service that makes it easy to improve the operational performance and availability of an application. When DevOps Guru detects anomalous behaviour in these metrics, it creates a view containing recommendations and lists of metrics and events that are related to the problem to help you diagnose and address the anomalous behaviour.

Amazon DevOps Guru is designed to make it easy to improve the operational performance and availability of an application. DevOps Guru helps us detect behaviour that deviates from normal operational patterns, so we can identify operational errors long before they affect our customers.

DevOps Guru uses ML models with information collected over the years to identify anomalous application behaviour. For example, increases in latency, error rates, resource constraints, etc. As a result, it helps to detect critical errors that could cause potential service disruptions. We can program DevOps Guru so that when it identifies a critical problem, it automatically sends an alert. Secondly, it provides a summary of anomalies related to the likely root cause and context about when and where the problem occurred. This allows our team to resolve the problem before actual failures occur.

How it works
Amazon DevOps Guru uses ML to detect abnormal operating patterns so you can identify operational issues before they impact your customers.

Benefits of Amazon DevOps Guru

Logs will provide new data enrichment in one view to enable a more accurate understanding of the root cause behind an application issue, and provide more precise remediation steps.

With this new feature, when an operational metric becomes anomalous, DevOps Guru will analyse the relevant Amazon CloudWatch logs and bring to light log anomalies such as exception keywords, numeric anomalies, HTTP status codes, and log format anomalies. This information helps identify root causes more accurately and increases the accuracy of the remediation steps provided. In addition, a sample log will be provided for each anomaly along with a deep link to Amazon CloudWatch, which helps streamline the user’s troubleshooting and remediation experience within the DevOps Guru console.


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