White House and its “Action Plan” to monitor artificial intelligence

The White House releases the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: A Vision for Protecting Our Civil Rights in the Algorithmic Age. The document establishes civil rights at the center of the technology and principles that should govern AI in the USA.

Challenges of democracy: artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has advanced rapidly in all parts of the world. This offers multiple advantages. However, with its evolution, there are also growing ethical concerns about the implementation of this technology. For its part, the USA has established that AI is one of the challenges of democracy. Therefore, the White House has decreed an action plan for the ethical implementation of the use of AI. With the aim of protecting the rights of citizens through a series of principles.

Researchers, technologists, advocates, journalists and legislators have been responsible for producing this document. It highlights that, although automated systems have produced extraordinary benefits, they have also caused significant disadvantages. They conclude by stressing that the principles of the plan are to help provide guidance whenever automated systems may significantly affect the public’s rights, opportunities or access to critical needs.

Five principal questions of the IA USA Plan

  • Safe systems: protect people from unsafe practices or unsafe artificial intelligence systems.
  • Algorithmic discrimination: protect against algorithmic discrimination and ensure fair systems.
  • Data privacy: protecting users from abusive uses of their personal information.
  • Notification: notifies people when an automated system is used and how it affects them.
  • Alternative options: provide access to problem-solving systems to people who do not want to interact with artificial intelligence systems.

The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: A Vision for Protecting Our Civil Rights in the Algorithmic Age does not define specific actions. Rather, it is a call for government action to protect digital and civil rights in a world replete with artificial intelligence.