Platform to match the high expectations of our customers

If you have an e-commerce that sells products online, you are surely preparing for the arrival of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas campaign. But it’s not all offers. During these dates it is likely that traffic and demand to your website will increase. If your website is not updated to withstand that load, it is likely to fall, error or X lose users, sales and trust of your customers.

Cloud platform = instant resources

At this special time of the year, it is common for online sales companies to request an increase in servers to cope with the growth in demand. The problem comes when companies do not predict according to reliable data the demand they are going to have. As a result, they run the risk of falling short or overspending, resulting in unnecessary costs.

Cloud platforms allow you to scale quickly on demand. They always have access to additional resources on demand, as well as unlimited storage capacity to host data. These types of platforms have the ability to dynamically scale up or down their cloud infrastructure to adapt to new needs as well as seasonal peaks or troughs in IT usage. Their usage-based payment model automatically adjusts accordingly.

Automatic scaling = no concerns about platform workloads

Auto Scaling is the ability to increase or decrease the capacity of the website, platform or app based on traffic through the use of Machine Learning technology. This occurs when you automatically adjust the cloud capacity to meet demand and only charge for what you use. This way, we make sure you have room to grow without paying more than you need to.

In addition, it is real-time, which eliminates any risk or downtime in its operation.


Enables the creation of scaling plans that automate the response of different resources to changes in demand. Optimizes to achieve a balance between availability and costs.

It monitors the application and automatically adds or reduces the capacity of resource groups in real time as demand changes.


Maintains optimal levels of application availability and performance, even when workloads are periodic, unpredictable or continuously changing.

Continuously monitors applications to ensure operation according to defined performance levels. When demand peaks occur, it automatically increases resource capacity to maintain the high level of service quality.


Optimize usage and costs to pay only for the resources you really need. When demand decreases, eliminate excess resource capacity to avoid unnecessary expenses.

AWS Auto Scaling 

One of the main tools we use to scale our customers’ instances is Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling. With AWS Auto Scaling we match usage with service demand and applications always have the appropriate resources at the opportune moment.

The service provides an efficient user interface that allows us to create scaling plans for resources, including Amazon EC2 instances and point fleets, Amazon ECS tasks, Amazon DynamoDB tables and indexes, and Amazon Aurora replicas. AWS Auto Scaling allows you to optimize performance, costs, or strike a balance between the two.


New Predictive Scaling

Probabilistic models, Artificial Intelligence can make autoscaling even more powerful with the addition of predictive scaling.

Using data collected from actual usage and more information from billions of data points extracted from Amazon Web Services, we use well-trained machine learning models to predict expected traffic, including daily and weekly patterns.

Once we put the scaling plan in place, our customers’ platforms can scale proactively, staying ahead of daily and weekly peaks. This improves the overall user experience for the site or business, and also helps avoid over-provisioning, which reduces costs.