Amazon Quicksight and its Business Intelligence Service

Amazon QuickSight empowers data-driven organizations with unified, hyperscale business intelligence (BI). This tool addresses a wide variety of analytical needs. All from the same source of information through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, integrated and natural language analytics.

Drives millions of dashboard views to make better data-driven decisions.

Create, schedule and share reports and data exports from a single, fully managed cloud BI service. Enables you to get business-critical information when you need it with critical operational reports and dashboards in the same solution.

Scalability for workloads

Serverless technology with autoscaling and In-Memory Computation Engine SPICE.

Advanced Analytics with AI and Machine Learning

Hidden pattern discovery, predictions, and natural language narrative generation.

Self-service analytics with QuickSight Q 

Ability to understand natural language and to obtain information faster.

QuickSight Q is the functionality that makes self-service truly self-service

QuickSight Q uses ML to interpret the intent of a question and analyze the data to quickly provide answers to business questions. With this functionality, a business user can ask questions in natural language, without needing to know the data set loaded, or the specific data it contains.

The idea is that, through Machine Learning, users can afford to ask business questions such as “sales in Spain last week” or “best-selling product in Europe last year”, without the need to sort, filter and operate on tables of values (or even Excel sheets).

SPICE provides speed in data processing 

SPICE (Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine) is QuickSight’s in-memory calculation engine. It provides high-speed data processing and the ability to perform advanced calculations.