Cloud Native: driving the full cloud potential

Have you ever asked yourself how modern enterprises are creating and delivering apps quickly and efficiently? The answer is Cloud Native.

Cloud Native is a modern application architecture that focuses on the use of containers, microservices, DevOps, continuous integration and continuous delivery to create scalable, resilient and highly available applications. Instead of designing and developing monolithic applications, we break applications into smaller, targeted components that can be deployed and scaled independently.

Strategic advantages of Cloud Native development

One of the key benefits of Cloud Native is that it enables companies to be more agile and respond quickly to market needs. Applications can be updated and deployed quickly without service interruptions, which helps companies stay competitive.

Another advantage is scalability. Cloud Native architecture allows applications to scale based on demand without having to worry about performance or availability. This means that companies can serve a large number of users without compromising quality of service.

Amazon Web Services Success Case Study

A real-world example of a Cloud Native application is Netflix.  The online video streaming platform is known for its ability to handle a large volume of traffic and scale quickly to meet demand.

Netflix has adopted a microservices-based architecture and uses Docker containers to package its applications. Each of Netflix’s services runs in its own container, making it easy to deploy, scale and maintain the application. In addition, Netflix uses a Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform to automate the container deployment and management process.

Cloud Native architecture allows you to respond quickly to user needs and adapt to changes in the market. For example, if a new TV show becomes very popular, you can quickly scale your cloud infrastructure to meet additional demand without service disruptions. Netflix is therefore a great example of how Cloud Native architecture can help companies become more agile and scalable.

In short, Cloud Native is a modern, scalable app architecture that is revolutionizing the way enterprises build and deliver apps. If you want to learn more about Cloud Native and how it can help your company become more competitive, don’t hesitate to contact us!