Reflections on the 2nd European AI Forum in Alicante

On October 4th we participated in the II European Forum on Artificial Intelligence held in the city of Alicante. This event focused on addressing the impacts, challenges and opportunities that AI offers for the progress of humanity.

Throughout the day, high-quality presentations were given that highlighted the various uses of artificial intelligence in different fields, exploring how this technology is generating significant transformations in our lives. From legal, medical, and scientific sectors to fields such as manufacturing, gastronomy, cinema, and sustainability, AI is showcasing its versatility and potential to enhance our quality of life.


Exploring AI Applications for Society

In this gathering, the aim was to acquaint society with the benefits of AI, showcasing specific examples of how this technology can help solve a wide range of problems. From selecting the best embryo in fertility treatments to contributing to precision medicine through the analysis of millions of data from electronic health records, medical images, and genomic repositories.


Ethics and Responsibility in Artificial Intelligence

One of the highlights was the keynote address by Ricardo Baeza Yates, Director of Research at the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University. In his presentation, he addressed the complexity of AI, discussing its biases, risks, regulations, and the essential ethical principles that must be considered when developing and using this technology.

Baeza Yates emphasized the 3 basic principles of Bioethics: autonomy, doing good, not doing harm, and justice. He also stressed the ethical principles of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to ensure that algorithms are transparent and responsible. These principles include aspects such as minimizing harm, safety and privacy, transparency, interpretability and explainability, as well as accountability and responsibility.


Challenges and Future of Artificial Intelligence

The 2nd European AI Forum also addressed the challenges for the advancement of humanity in this field, especially regarding cybersecurity and the need for appropriate regulations. The importance of using AI in a responsible and ethical manner, ensuring the protection of fundamental rights of citizens in the digital world, was emphasized.

This event provided us with valuable insights into how artificial intelligence is transforming various sectors and how it can significantly contribute to societal progress. The expansion of AI is undoubtedly a revolution that will shape society’s development in the coming years. We are excited to be part of this advancement and to continue exploring how AI can benefit humanity as a whole.