Cloud Levante and University of Alicante Join Forces to Promote Cybersecurity

On November 27th at Cloud Levante we signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Alicante. This strategic agreement focuses on the research and development of intelligent security models for cloud computing architectures and applications, marking a crucial milestone in the cybersecurity landscape.

A pioneering alliance in cybersecurity

After five years of research and development of IT solutions, we have decided to join forces with the University of Alicante to take cybersecurity to a more advanced level. Currently immersed in the research and implementation of innovative techniques for digital transformation, this collaboration presents a unique opportunity to strengthen our position in the field of digital security.


Comprehensive training for the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

This agreement goes beyond a simple strategic alliance, opening the door to an important academic collaboration. Cloud Levante’s researchers and team of experts will have access to cutting-edge academic programs, equipping them with the necessary tools to meet the challenges in the field of cybersecurity. This strategic step not only consolidates an educational alliance, but also reflects the University of Alicante’s commitment to academic excellence and advanced training.

Joint research and innovative projects

This collaboration is not only about transferring knowledge, but will also enable joint research projects, foster innovation and the active participation of cybersecurity professionals in academia. The connection between academia and industry will ensure that the results are not only theoretical knowledge, but also applicable and relevant practices.


Moving together towards a more secure digital horizon

With the signing of this exciting agreement, Cloud Levante and the University of Alicante consolidate their shared commitment to the training of highly qualified and ethical cybersecurity professionals. This strategic step will not only enrich the experience of the student community, but will also play a crucial role in building a more secure and robust digital environment.

This agreement represents more than just a partnership; it is the starting point of an intense collaboration in the research and development of intelligent security models. Cloud Levante and the University of Alicante will join forces to drive innovative approaches to strengthen cloud computing architectures and applications.


We look forward to the successes and achievements that will emerge from this partnership. We are excited about the positive impact this joint effort will have on the cybersecurity industry as a whole. This is the beginning of a more secure digital future, driven by collaborative research and development in intelligent security for the cloud.