Minte - AI Platform

A secure space aligned with company goals, worker needs, and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Our Mission

Empower the Workforce

Democratize access to Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, creating a secure and reliable environment.

Current Challenges

AI is not reaching all companies, underscoring the need to democratize this technology.

Modernization and updating of knowledge about business processes and worker training.

Knowledge management in companies is one of the main challenges. 

A secure environment is necessary for employees working with internal data.


MINTE is a platform that generates a secure space aligned with company goals, worker needs, and AI capabilities.



Access control, content and user permissions.


With Minte, you can ask questions, generate content, and search.


Develop your ideas and share with your team.


Learn processes and knowledge.

Content Import

PDFs, Excel, CSV, Web, Databases, APIs

Updated Data

Work with your updated information.


Enterprise Ready


Multiple Models

Text, Audio, Image


Multiple Providers

AWS, Azure, Mistral, Claude, OpenAI, Local LLMs, and many more!


Multiple Environments

Work in the cloud (SaaS) or deploy on your infrastructure (OnPremise)

Use Cases

Multiple Industries & Departments

MINTE is used in different departments such as Sales, Finance, Product Development, or the entire company, also in multiple industries such as Retail, eCommerce, Restaurants, Services.


Content Generation

Marketing teams use Minte for generating social media posts using company data, creating and sharing with creativity.

Operational Efficiency

Employees can get immediate answers to their questions, reducing wait time and improving productivity with 24/7 availability.

Resource Optimization

Automating responses to frequently asked questions relieves the burden on human resources staff, resulting in a more economical long-term solution.

Employee Satisfaction

By facilitating immediate access to relevant information, employees can feel more empowered and capable of efficiently performing their tasks.

Feedback Collection

Collecting and analyzing questions asked to the chatbot can offer valuable insights into employee needs and concerns.

Creativity Empowered!

Through multiple artificial intelligence models, the team will be able to create, innovate, or develop new ideas about business, marketing, even creating reports.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Import or connect with your sources of information.

Step 2

Invite colleagues and configure the security of your data.

Step 3

Start using and discovering what Minte can do for you.

Super Powers for Your Team, Increased Productivity with Your Data