Big Data

One of the challenges facing organisations today is the optimal handling of information: analysis of large volumes of data, management and protection of sensitive information. 


We tend to work

Data solutions to obtain the information the company needs to make decisions.

Expansion of descriptive and diagnostic analysis, moving on to predictive analysis, adding the execution of statistical models.

Data Analytics projects development

  •  Ingest data: batch and realtime
  •  Machine learning models
  •  IoT data analytics
  •  Data Lakes
  •  ETL

Platform Automation

Deployment of ML environments
MLOps operations

  • Identification of processes.
  • Adding or eliminating processes.
  • Requirements in processes.


Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Extracting information from company data, and from other sources, is essential to steer the company in the right direction. Digital companies make decisions based on the information they get from their data.

Our data analytics projects aim to get the information necessary for the company to make the best decisions.

Cloud Levante with automation, scale and security

Fivetran’s portfolio of services allows us to offer the best technology and quality in the market.

Data Management

Extracting information from corporate data is one of our flagship projects. Either by deploying Data Lakes or Data Warehouses, or in combination.

We obtain data in batch mode or in real time from log files, databases or any other type of source.

We transform the data according to the exploitation needs of the same and we store them according to needs in different destinations for analysis and information extraction.


Data processing and analysis with technologies such as Kafka, Spark, HBase or Apache Flink.


Access points for exploitation from tools such as Tableau, PowerBI or QuickSight.


Development of customized and clear dashboards with Javascript / React. 


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