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Pentesting audits focus on providing advanced solutions to safeguard the integrity and protection of systems against potential threats.

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Vulnerability Remediation Process

Our Pentesting service is a process of identification and remediation of vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. We have a team of experts in penetration testing and ethical hacking that uses the most advanced methodologies to assess the security of systems.


Essential for a reliable cybersecurity strategy


Types of penetration testing: white and black box

Types of tests

Black Box. Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

In black box testing, our pentesters simulate a real attack, without prior knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested. This realistic approach allows us to assess how cybercriminals would behave in an infiltration attempt. In this way, we can discover unknown vulnerabilities and determine whether your systems are prepared to resist an attack.

White Box. External Network Security

Our White Box tests are based on a deep prior knowledge of the infrastructure we are going to evaluate. This perspective allows us to perform a more thorough and accurate assessment, identifying vulnerabilities with greater certainty and understanding their potential impact.

What is a penetration test and

why is it necessary?

A penetration test is a comprehensive assessment that simulates cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities in systems and protect information.

It is a necessary measure to ensure a robust defense against threats, correct weaknesses before they are exploited by attackers, and increase the confidence of customers and partners by demonstrating a serious commitment to cybersecurity. This practice helps ensure that digital assets are effectively protected and helps maintain the integrity and reputation of the organization.


What we offer

At Cloud Levante, we understand how crucial it is to keep your systems secure in a digital environment. With our help, you can strengthen your defenses and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.


In-depth assessments of the company’s information security level.


Identification and correction of weak points in the IT environment.


Proactive protection against possible cyber attacks.


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