Internet Of Things

In a connected world there are more and more autonomous elements that perform small tasks, or that have to connect and share information.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly taking over the world around us, as technological devices that connect everyday objects to the internet via wireless networks become part of our daily lives.

Thanks to the IoT, companies can gain a much better understanding of their customers’ behaviour, interests and problems, because of the data that these devices can provide them with. With this amount of information we will be able to create more personalised services or products.

We tend to work in:

The deployment of small autonomous systems that generate some task, process some data and send it to the cloud is an increasingly common solution for the management and monitoring of business environments. There are multiple use cases such as crop monitoring, packaging plants, manufacturing, consumption or meter management systems, etc.

When you have multiple devices that need to be managed in a coordinated way and monitoring their status is a complex task. The development of IoT projects offers a secure management solution for all devices in a coordinated manner. It allows updating, securing, monitoring and managing in a centralised way.


Remote monitoring of energy consumption, optimisation of energy consumption of connected appliances, detection alerts, connected light bulbs, phasing and actuation, process optimisation.


Programming and optimisation of production lines, automation of repair and maintenance activities, remote control and centralised process management. Rapid response to product demands.

Logistics and Transport

Vehicle tracking, load control, optimisation of transport systems including vehicle, driver and infrastructure. Intelligent traffic control, parking search.



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