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Multicloud entails leveraging cloud services from two or more providers, affording organizations the agility to enhance performance, manage expenses, and circumvent vendor lock-in.

Our Partners

We collaborate with leading cloud providers to offer the best technology on the market and ensure that it is the option that best suits the specific needs of each project.

Our public cloud offer includes consulting, project implementation and personalized support on the operation of the best platforms on the market: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Huawei Cloud e IBM Cloud.

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Response to all incidents or requests in any of the platforms.


Management at any of the suppliers - simultaneously or individually.

Amazon Web Services

Leading public cloud service in the advancement of new cloud services. As AWS partners we offer specialized technical support in the execution of scalable and efficient platforms.

Google Cloud Platform

The most innovative services of the Google public cloud to advance the technological development of your company. We offer technical support and implement the best solutions developed by Google.

Huawei Cloud

We offer a set of Huawei public cloud services including adaptive application creation and database management through GausDB, ensuring a comprehensive environment that optimizes performance.

IBM Cloud

IBM technology services and resources that provide innovative solutions, highly specialized technical support and cutting-edge tools on IBM’s versatile and compatible infrastructure.


MultiCloud Benefits

The key to multicloud lies in the freedom and flexibility it gives organizations.


By using different providers based on geographic location and specific requirements, organizations can choose the cloud services that best fit their needs.


Since disruption at one cloud provider does not necessarily affect others, multicloud reduces vulnerability to unplanned outages and downtime.


With the ability to quickly adopt the latest technologies from different vendors, organizations are not limited to a single vendor’s offerings at any given time.


By avoiding vendor lock-in, companies and organizations minimize licensing, security and compatibility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Multicloud approach?

The Multicloud approach involves the use of multiple cloud service providers to host different applications and workloads, rather than relying on a single provider.

Why should you consider adopting a Multicloud strategy?

Adopting a multi-cloud strategy offers risk diversification, avoids vendor lock-in, optimizes costs and allows you to choose the specific services from each vendor that best suit your needs.

What are the main advantages of using a Multicloud approach?

Benefits include risk mitigation, geographic redundancy, performance and latency optimization, the ability to leverage specialized services from different vendors, and the flexibility to migrate workloads between clouds.

How are Multicloud solutions integrated into the existing infrastructure?

Integration can vary, but typically involves the use of cloud management and orchestration solutions, APIs, automation tools and possibly brokerage services.

How do we manage to operate in several clouds?

We manage this through automation, the use of centralized management tools and the application of consistent security policies.

How does the use of multiple cloud providers affect billing and cost?

The diversity of choice in cloud providers can present a good opportunity. While billing may be more varied, by implementing a strategic approach to tracking and managing costs, you can maximize efficiency in the use of cloud resources and ensure that your investments are always sound.

How do I decide which workloads go in which cloud?

The decision is based on factors such as performance requirements, the geographic location of users, the specialization of the services offered by each provider and the associated costs.

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