Big Data

One of the challenges facing organizations today is the optimal treatment of information: big data analysis, management and protection of sensitive information.



Analytical Intelligence

In the digital age, it is crucial for organizations to obtain relevant information from both their business data and other sources to effectively make strategic decisions.

Our data analysis projects are carefully designed to extract the necessary information to enable companies to make more informed and accurate decisions.

We tend to work in:

Solutions to obtain the information the company needs to make decisions.


  • Optimization
  • Process Management
  • ML Environments
  • MLOps Operations
  • ETL

Data Analytics Projects

  • Data Ingest
  • Reporting Models
  • IoT Data Analytics
  • Data Lakes




Platform Automation

We offer you state-of-the-art know-how and technology in our business process automation projects.




Insight Manegement

Our main project focuses on the extraction of information from corporate data through the implementation of solutions such as Data Lakes and Data Warehouses, individually or combined.

We acquire data from various sources, such as log files, databases or other sources, either in batch or real time. We then transform the data to suit specific needs and store it in different destinations, depending on requirements, to facilitate analysis and information extraction.


Data Reports

Our approach to data analytics is comprehensive and encompasses descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our team of experts combines advanced data collection, cleaning and organization techniques with statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to deliver comprehensive and actionable insights.


Descriptive analysis to reveal what happens


Predictive analytics to anticipate what's going to happen


Prescriptive analysis to recommend measures

cutting-edge technology

Analytical Tools

We are specialists in the use of a wide range of tools in our data analysis projects. We use tools such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark for the efficient ingestion and processing of large volumes of data. In addition, we employ programming languages such as JavaScript for the development of interactive applications and data visualizations. We also leverage platforms such as Amazon QuickSight for advanced data exploration and analysis using graphs and pivot tables in the cloud.

These tools allow us to offer robust and effective solutions, maximizing the value of data and providing our clients with valuable information for strategic decision making.


Processing and analysis with technologies such as Kafka, Spark, HBase or Apache Flink.


Access points for exploitation from tools such as Tableau, PowerBI or QuickSight.


Development of customized and clear dashboards with Javascript / React.


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