Cloud Levante at the 2019 Madrid AWS Summit

This past May Cloud Levante attended the AWS Summit Madrid 2019. The most significant part of the event took place with KeyNote speaker Miguel Álava Director of AWS Spain. Throughout the morning there was a review of various announcements such as the inclusion in the AWS Portugal buisness and the close relationship between both countries. A complete and superficial sweep of AWS services was carried out by star guests Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec (AWS), Joaquín Abril-Martorell Hernández (CEPSA), Sergio Caballero (City Council Alcobendas) and Bernardino Beotas (Securitas Direct).

The most powerful summary of this KeyNote is that the irruption of the Cloud in the Spanish market has only just begun and that the volumes of business are increasing. With this information we became increasingly aware that every time companies are less afraid of entering the cloud, the security risk factor has now become a reliable factor and numerous companies are opting using the cloud as an alternative to security. It also confirms the superiority of AWS in terms of the number of services offered compared to the competition. The bet on «Open Source» of AWS, is dragged more each time by the rest of the players in the market. Above all, we must focus on the fact that every day in Spain, the number of consumers is growing and with more presence in large corporations and national brands. Lastly, the irruption in public administration has become a reality.

In the afternoon, there were different technical talks with presentations by clients, the theme and services varied. Trying to listen and attend all of the presentations was impossible, however, the team was divided up to attended as many of the most relevant presentations possible. Overall, there was not any particular technical news, in fact, many of the talks were based on issues seen in the past Re: Invent 2018. On a negative note, the guest’s presentations invited spent more time showcasing their company than information regarding the architecture and solutions employed. We miss the technical spirit of previous editions. We hope that the next summit will accommodate the guests and supervise the technical validity of the presentations.

On the other hand, and in parallel to the presentations, the DeepRace was celebrated. Autonomous miniature cars and after showcasing a developed model they had to complete a circuit in the shortest amount of possible time. It was very interesting to watch the evolution of the competition and see how machine learning was improving the speed and traceability of the cars as they went around the circuit.

Overall, it was a great day where great moments were shared with collaborators, the AWS team, fatigue partners and friends. After having gathered 6,000 people in one day, it was difficult not to meet someone new. The summit was a great opportunity to network and meet many people. We are already waiting for the next edition.