Vital Role in Business Succes

A cloud architect is responsible for turning the technical requirements of a project into the architecture and design that will guide the final product. Often, cloud architects are also responsible for bridging the gap between complex business problems and cloud solutions.

More and more people are aiming to be certified as Professional Cloud Architect. And the profiles of cloud architect or solution architect are currently one of the most demanded in companies. A Cloud Architect is responsible for managing and coordinating the cloud computing structure in an organization. This profile arises from the need for companies to start or improve a cloud computing structure. 

In Cloud Levante, thanks to the support received by the University of Alicante, our CEO Victor Adsuar and current professor at the university, has recently begun to teach the cloud Architect course. A high performance course aimed at improving knowledge in cloud architecture, both computer science students and students of Master in Cybersecurity.

The participation of students has been a success that we have received with great satisfaction. We managed to cover 100% of the places available for this first edition. Which further reinforces the values of Cloud Levante rooted in research, digital transformation for social good, and knowledge transfer. You can learn more about this training at Cloud architect training. 

At Cloud Levante, we firmly believe in knowledge transfer. This value has marked our modus operandi since the company started its activity, more than four years ago. Without forgetting that Victor Adsuar has been guided by this desire to transmit his knowledge about Cloud and technology during the more than ten years that he has been collaborating with national and international projects, both for private companies and public institutions such as the University of Alicante.

Undoubtedly it is a pride to be able to communicate that after much effort and preparation we can provide certified training on Cloud Architecture, and happier to have the highest level of participation. This undoubtedly encourages us to continue organizing future editions and training courses. This will mean a significant growth in training and knowledge transfer actions that we want to carry out from Cloud Levante, and consequently, an increasing supply of certified professionals, specifically the third position among the most sought after profiles for 2022.

A Cloud Architect typically has a background as a developer or operations, and with this experience they are able to communicate the value and get companies interested in this type of infrastructure. Once you have internalized the knowledge necessary to become an expert Professional Architect, it means having a deep understanding of Cloud architecture. Which translates into a career boost. By becoming a competent professional to design, develop and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available and dynamic solutions to drive an organization’s business objectives.

Whether you already have experience as a Cloud Architect or not, the certification is going to become a great differentiator. If you are thinking about it, we encourage you to follow the steps that will lead you to this goal because, without a doubt, it will bring you great professional opportunities. If you want to be aware of our trainings we will publish all the related information in our social networks:

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