What Digital Transformation can offer to the business sector
[Villena Business Day]

This week we have been able to present Cloud Levante’s digital solutions to a group of companies at the Proximity Innovation Event organized by the Alicante Science Park in collaboration with the University of Alicante.

During the meeting, our colleague Ester Aranega, responsible for communication in Cloud Levante, was able to talk about the corporate data exploitation solutions that allow us to obtain relevant information for the company. To do this, in data analytics, we obtain data in real time, transform them according to the needs of exploitation and store them in different destinations for analysis. There was also time to explain to the companies of Villena how our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications provide computers with the right algorithms to interpret patterns in real data and make predictions. This creates a competitive advantage in the market by identifying trends and opportunities better and faster.

These systems can process and analyze customer information from the first contact and provide us with really useful insights on how to serve those customers.

Artificial Intelligence also improves productivity. By automating business processes, companies gain are more productive with their time, allowing staff to focus on the creative and strategic side. We could not forget the importance of keeping our data and our customers’ data secure. In terms of cybersecurity, we carry out Plans Disaster Recovery and Backup, which ensure the continuity of a business in the event of any type of failure. In addition to Ethical Hacking Reports for companies: where our team of IT and cybersecurity specialists identify vulnerabilities or security flaws within a system to correct them. Not forgetting cloud computing environments and their advantages of accessibility, global reach, resilience, scalability and automation.

An event full of innovation, where to show in a close way how we should take advantage of the technological advantages that every day surprise us and help us in our activities in equal parts.

In this way, the Cloud Levante team focuses on structural forecasts of customers’ future needs. They transform business data into knowledge to guide them in decision making. Which translates into higher profitability and better optimization for our customers, and therefore, in our triumph to demonstrate the benefits of Digital Transformation in today’s businesses.

In short, Digital Transformation is not a goal in itself, but a process that requires an open attitude to change, emotional intelligence and the ability to adapt to a changing environment. In a highly technological world, new opportunities arise thanks to the possibilities offered by digitalization. 


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