Monday’s economic calendar: macro events that will affect us all economically.

The Fed’s interest rate decision will be made on Wednesday 15 June (we will be reporting on the decisions). Meanwhile, we have the European Central Bank’s Consumer Price Index forecast at 7.5% for next Friday 17 June 2022, down from 8.1% last week.

German ZEW economic sentiment is expected to be -42.0 on Tuesday 14/06. The indicator is created from the results of the ZEW Financial Markets Survey: The ZEW economic sentiment indicator is a leading indicator of the German economy similar to the ifo index. While in the German consumer price index we have a forecast of 0.8% versus the current 0.9%.


[Tuesday, 14th June 2022]

  • German ZEW Economic Sentiment – 42.0 (Forecast) / – 34.3 (Previous)

The ZEW economic sentiment indicator is a leading indicator of the German economy similar to the ifo index and created from the results of the ZEW Financial Market Report Survey.

See detailed results of the latest survey

  • German CPI 0.8% (Forecast) / 0.9% (Previous)

Forecasting from consumer price index analyses to derive information on the harmonised consumer price index.

  • USD PPI 0.8% (Forecast) 0.5% (Previous)

Predicate for the Producer Price Index (PPI) by measuring the average change over time in the selling prices received by US producers for their output. The prices included in the PPI are from the first commercial transaction for many products and some services.

[Wednesday, 15th June 2022]

  • FED Interest Rate Decision – US central bank interest rates

The Federal Funds Rate is the interest that banks charge each other for overnight loans. This US base rate is determined by the market and is not explicitly imposed by the Fed. By withdrawing or adding funds to the money supply, the FED tries to align the effective federal funds rate to the rate it aims to achieve.

When the Fed’s monetary policy changes the base rate, it usually affects the height of the interest rate on various products, such as mortgages, loans and interest on savings. This change is scheduled to be decided on Wednesday 15 June and its strategy will undoubtedly set a precedent for global economic action.

[Thursday, 16th June 2022]

  • US Building Permits 1.812M (Forecast) /1.823M (Previous)

Data on the number of new dwellings authorised through building permits.

Data are from the Building Permits Survey. And an analysis of revised monthly estimates for the US has been conducted to predict economic developments in housing units authorised by building permits.


[Friday, 16th June 2022]

  • ECB CPI 7.5% (Forecast) / 8.1% (Previous)

The main task of the ECB is to maintain price stability.

In the euro area, the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) is used to measure consumer price inflation. That means the change over time in the prices of consumer goods and services purchased by euro area households.

It is “harmonised” because all the countries in the European Union follow the same methodology. This ensures that the data for one country can be compared with the data for another.



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