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Cost Analysis for AWS Infrastructures – Well-Architected Framework

In an increasingly cloud-based business environment, a well-designed and cost-effective AWS infrastructure is critical. For this reason, we are pleased to introduce our detailed AWS infrastructure cost analysis service. Our service has been developed by our team of cloud architecture experts and IT engineers.

Goal. Efficiency. Performance.

The main goal of our cost analysis is to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate overview of the costs associated with your cloud infrastructure. In doing so, we take into account best practices and recommendations from AWS’ Well-Architected Framework.

Service Scope

Our cost analysis for AWS infrastructures of 40 hours free of charge includes the following key aspects:

Comprehensive Analysis of Current and Future Costs.

We assist you in understanding the financial impact of the cloud infrastructure and provide you with an accurate estimation of future costs. Additionally, we support you in creating an appropriate budget.

Proven Benefits After the Analysis.

Our AWS infrastructure cost analysis service has delivered tangible benefits to our customers:

AWS-Infrastructure Resilience: Detailed Security Analysis

Our highly skilled team of cloud architects, IT engineers and cybersecurity experts perform a comprehensive analysis of the AWS infrastructure both externally and internally. The main goal is to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities to improve the security of the cloud infrastructure.

In 40 hours of free analysis, our team designs, implements, and maintains secure and reliable cloud solutions using the Well-Architected Framework. These tasks include:

Configuration Evaluation

  • Comprehensive review of resource security settings, such as security groups, access policies and access control lists, to identify faulty or insecure configurations.
  • Specific recommendations for improving the security configuration of resources.

Network and Connectivity Analysis

  • Network architecture assessment to identify potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Analyze ingress and egress point configuration, firewall rules, network segmentation, and connectivity to external services.

Identity and Access Management Assessment

  • Analysis of identity and access management policies and practices, including user authentication, authorization, and auditing of users, roles, and permissions.
  • Identification of security gaps such as weak credentials or flawed permission assignment.

Resilience, Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • High availability and resiliency architecture review.
  • Evaluate backup configuration, data replication and disaster recovery capability.

Threat Detection and Tracking Analysis

  • Review of the architecture for high availability and recoverability.
  • Evaluation of backup configuration, data replication, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Following the AWS security analysis, we generate a detailed report with identified vulnerabilities, specific recommendations and an action plan for improvement. At Coud Levante we also offer a review session with experts to discuss the recommendations and provide additional support.

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