Case Study

Evaluation Security of Networked Computer Systems

The Report document the findings of ethical hack help Unión Alcoyana protect network ports, implement effective policies, and configure secure firewalls, thereby helping to enforce a robust security posture.



Company Name: Unión Alcoyana

Prisma - Gamificación en la empresa

Key Tasks of our Cybersecurity Team

  • Reconnaissance and Researching the infrastructure to review the perimeter security.
  • Study about the strengths and weaknesses of Unión Alcoyana’s platform.
  • Gathering information on all machines, users, and services within the network using automated scanning tools.
  • Assessment of the site’s external security profile of networked computer systems and intrusion detection capabilities.
  • Identify vulnerabilities associated with the site’s computer systems and subsequent attempts to penetrate the network.
  • Probing the network infrastructure and access policies to detect any security gaps.
  • Implementing a secure network that prevents security breaches.

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Cloud Levante is our trusted partner in the cloud environment since its inception and we are very pleased that they are at our side. When we talk to them, it’s like we’re talking to the cloud manufacturer directly. With Victor and his team, you can rest easy because they meet expectations. They are always available to offer your support and knowledge. In addition, they have a very proactive attitude to be very dynamic in their technological recycling, being very attentive to new trends and giving answers to any challenge.

Leocadio Ortega

CIO, Unión Alcoyana


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