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Process Automation Tools for Information Management

Today’s businesses need to perform multiple tasks efficiently and in a timely manner to ensure their services remain competitive in the marketplace.




Company name: Planeta Huerto

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Project Development Steps

Identifying the Value of Processes

Assess the value of current processes to the service delivery.

Add or remove processes to enhance overall service delivery.

Determining Necessary Tools

Identify the tools required to automate and launch these processes by the development team.

Monolith Construction and Maintenance

Monolithic architectures allow new functionality to be delivered quickly in a short time.

  • Construct and maintain a new monolith that aligns with the logic of all other legacy applications.
  • Conduct one day on-site for business process requirements gathering.
  • Analyze requirements and develop a Process Implementation Plan.

The Process Implementation Plan defines tasks in a well-defined pipeline and identifies necessary tools.

Immediate Results

The primary benefit for companies is improved management of working time. Tasks previously performed manually and laboriously are now automated with multiple digital systems, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency.

This is achieved by integrating an automation system that assists staff with repetitive tasks, providing a set of technological tools that facilitate daily tasks, increasing speed and accuracy of performance.

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