Case Study

E-commerce migration to the AWS cloud and platform automation

The company Gioseppo is constantly growing, so it needs to increase the traffic of its platform and the necessary resources to offer the best sales service to its customers.


Company Name: Gioseppo

Gioseppo is a national reference brand present in more than 60 countries, dedicated to the sale of shoes for the whole family.


Solution: Migration of e-commerce to the AWS Cloud

We based our solution on the migration of the store to a cloud environment with elastic scaling. For this we rely on a set of services offered by AWS that we integrate with each other to migrate the platform.

We chose this solution because of our experience in migrating ecommerce with expansion needs. Since it has been used in numerous renowned eCommerce that are currently making benefits. This is a guarantee of success when approaching the project.

Project Objectives & Technologies

The objective of the migration is to obtain a scalable, highly available, secure, fast and automated platform. All these features were delivered using AWS technology.

The development of the project uses the following technologies:

  • Terraform: allows the platform to be defined in an agile way.
  • Bash: allows the automation of the environment and repetitive administration tasks.

Platform Architecture

Most of the architecture is developed as code, since the cloud allows us to create the infrastructure in this way. The use of technologies that allow us to define the platform as code allows us to replicate environments, accelerate changes, version the platforms and be more resilient in case of disaster.

For the development of the platform as code we have mainly used Terraform technology.

Terraform is an open source tool from the company HashiCorp that allows us to securely and efficiently code infrastructure.

Our DevOps team developed the configuration of Gioseppo’s infrastructure with Terraform. This as disaster prevention, since in addition to the backups, high availability systems and disaster recovery that we may have, thanks to Terraform files we had another point to rely on when recovering and restoring services. In addition, data models can now be versioned and we can observe the progress of the service. It also allows us to control changes in the infrastructure in a simple and agile way.

Results & Inputs

The migration to the cloud provides stability to Gioseppo’s ecommerce. In this way, it improves its positioning, its image with suppliers and customers. Consequently, it strengthens its position on the Internet and improves its corporate image.


  • This design can support large workloads and scale the application automatically.
  • Increased platform resilience, agility in maintenance and cost reduction.


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